432 Hz Music

They are powerful, soothing and comforting…
Candy SpenderVisual Artist
Candy Spender
I admit that I never felt anything like this.
JoreJj Z. ElprehzleinnPersonal Development Consultant
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
It was like my inner being, my core opened up…
Desla EpisonActress
Desla Epison
Whoever produced these tracks is a genius.
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

People like you use 432 Hz music to transform their lives. Want to read their stories?

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You get true 432 hz music (composing in 432Hz means tuning all the notes and using the original Pythagorean scale)
 You get better brain stimulation (music is perfectly mixed with brainwave entrainment)
 You get all the benefits of 432Hz tuning with the highest quality audio files (MP3 320)

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