528 Tuning

Tune your instrument to 528 Love and play

In order to achieve the 528 Love tuning, you need to calculate the frequencies that the ‘A4′ note (which is usually tuned to 440 cycles per second in ’12 Tone Equal Temperament Tuning’) must be retuned to. The process may seem complicated at first but it is really very simple.

Retuning your ‘A4′ note from 440 cycles per second (hertz) to the Love Frequency is most easily accomplished on an electronic keyboard or synthesizer. When the ‘A4′ note is retuned to 444 cycles per second then the ‘C5′ note will be 528 cycles per second (which is the “MI” note).

Below you can see the desired frequencies, their corresponding notes and cycles per second (hertz) that the “A4″ note must be retuned to. Some electronic keyboards may not be able to achieve these exact frequencies, but you can come very close.

174 Hz = F3 438.48 Hz or -06 cents
285 Hz = C#4 452.37 Hz or +48 cents
396 Hz = G4 444.34 Hz or +17 cents
417 Hz = G#4 441.78 Hz or +7 cents
528 Hz = C5 444 Hz or +16 cents
639 Hz = D#5 451.84 Hz or +46 cents
741 Hz = F#5 440.60 Hz or +2 cents
852 Hz = G#5 451.33 Hz or +44 cents
963 Hz = B5 428.96 Hz or -44 cents

All the frequencies have been adjusted to within two decimal places for ease of tuning. It would require a specially designed instrument or synthesizer to contain all of these frequencies at the same time on the same instrument.

For guitar players I recommend to get a Korg CA-40 Chromatic Tuner. You will need to recalibrate this tuner to A=444 Hz which will give you a C of 528. If you set the Korg CA-40 to 444 Hz (instead of 440 Hz), then the tuner will guide you through tuning every string of the guitar. This is the simplest way to tune your guitar as A=444 Hz closely approximates C5 at 528 Hz.

Piano players can get confused because their instruments are harder to “tune up,” although that doesn’t stop musicians from experimenting with tuning their instruments. Piano manufacturers and tuning experts have remade a number of pianos to accommodate the added stress on strings. 

Misconceptions about 528 tuning

The most popular misconception is that in order to achieve the 528 Hertz frequency you must tune the standard A4 up to 12 cents. In my opinion, this is wrong. As you already know, the 528 tuning (which is the “C5″ in A=444Hz tuning) can be achieved by tuning the standard pitch +16 cents. I have used the most precise calculations and accurate data – the 528 tuning is A=444 (or +16 cents).

Another belief is that you need to buy tuning forks to tune your instrument to the ancient Solfeggio and 528. In fact, the forks are not necessary for precise tuning. Rather than using the forks for tuning instruments I encourage you to get high quality Solfeggio forks for healing purposes.

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